Plus Soap Candy Heart Foam Soap *Special Edition*

Plus Soap Candy Heart Foam Soap is the ultimate super foaming solution designed to gently lift dirt and grime from any surface. It's pH-neutral and lubricating properties introduce a scratch-free finish with no harm to coatings like wax, sealant and ceramic. Our foam soap has a new twist, Candy Hearts Special Edition! Give the love of your life the gift of gloss.
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How to Apply:

Shake well. Use on cool surfaces. Rinse vehicle thoroughly with water. Add 1-2 oz of Auto Shampoo to 4-5 gallon bucket of clean water. Wash vehicle from top to bottom. Do not allow to dry. Rinse thoroughly.

For Foam Cannon add 1-2 oz of Foam Soap or as desired. Fill rest of reservoir with water.