Need it Now! - January's Detail Kit of the Month


Need it Now! - January's Detail Kit of the Month

Each month we give you the chance to grab a custom Detail Kit at an insane discount. Don't wait around. These bundles are limited!

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Auto Shampoo

Welcome to Auto Shampoo. A gentle and powerful surface cleansing foam soap that coats your vehicle in thick suds leaving a pronounced finish. Our pH-Neutral formula is safe for all paint, glass, rubber, plastic and metal surfaces. Also safe on gloss, matte, waxed, sealed and ceramic coated vehicles. Our biodegradable formula is tough on dirt and gentle on paint. Give your buckets what they want, Give them Auto Shampoo.


Exterior APC - Wheel Cleaner

This is the exterior all purpose cleaner you've been waiting for. It makes cutting through brake dust and grime look like a nice stroll on the beach. This concentrated exterior solution can be used to deep clean metal, rubber, glass, plastic and painted surfaces. It's easy to use. Just spray, agitate and rinse or wipe well. Say goodbye to your grime, bug and brake dust problems with Exterior APC.


Fine Details - Wheel Brush

The Plus Soap Fine Details - Wheel Brush is the ultimate tool when getting in those hard to reach areas and durability are most important. Measuring at over 8 inches in length, the wooden and soft plastic handle is the perfect way to deep clean around spokes and lug nuts without scratching your finish. Extremely chemical resistant and light as a feather, use this brush time and time again without straining your wrist or melting bristles.


All Purpose Microfiber Towel

Absolutely the finest quality microfiber towels for the hobbyist or detailing professional. This dual-pile detailing towel features an excellent 365 gsm blend of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide, complete with an overlock stitch border. This dense all purpose towel is great for wheels, windows and wiping off dirt or grime.

Microfiber Care:

  • Always Separate towels (paint towels, wheel towels, etc.)
  • Upon first wash also separate colors
  • Use liquid laundry detergent (no fragrance recommended)
  • Air dry in dust-free area OR Machine Dry on lowest heat setting
  • Never Use Fabric Softener Sheets