Nano Fabric
Nano Fabric

Nano Fabric

Nano Fabric protects upholstery and carpets by creating a durable hydrophobic barrier that repels water, dirt and UV rays. Keeping stains on the surface where they belong. Use on natural and artificial fabrics and doesn't change the look or feel.

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How to Apply:

Shake well. Do not use on faux or real leather. Fabric should be thoroughly cleaned or new. Spray fabric until wet. Test with white cloth, if color comes off or water stains appear, do not use. To increase repellency dry with heat or in the sun. Always test in small area first.

Available in 16oz


Commonly Asked Questions

How long will my fabric repel water?

6 - 12 months!


Does Nano Fabric have a scent?

During application Nano Fabric smells similar to Ceramic Spray. After drying it smells like New Car smell.


Do I need to physically rub this into my carpet?

No! Just mist, allow to dry under heat and presto!