Welcome to Plus Soap! Thank you for visiting. We are a specialty automotive detailing products and car care company whose utmost passion is providing an unparalleled customer experience and innovative automotive detail products. Plus Soap was created to cut through the confusion and hassle of purchasing automotive detail products. Give your car the best wash and wax it has ever had and order your Plus Soap today!

About The Founders

At the age of 15, Garrett Hendrickson received his first pay day for washing cars. At first, he was merely washing and drying, but what started as an extra source of income developed into a gasoline-fueled passion. He began trying different products and techniques on the hunt for the perfect shine. As his knowledge grew, so did his customer base. Over years of work, and hundreds of product combinations, Garrett had built a full-time auto detailing business with an overflowing schedule.

Cameron also shares a love for cars that started in his teenage years and has kept growing ever since. He started building his expertise in product and web design, while always keeping his passion for cars alive. Whether he spent his time drifting or stuck in the mud, he always hoped to put his love for cars and design together. He was ecstatic about the opportunity to co-found Plus Soap with his long time friend, Garrett.



Though Garrett was happy with the recognition his work was receiving, he wanted more from the products he was using. He had always wondered why he couldn’t find a product line that would deliver the outcome he envisioned from start to finish. Garrett knew there was a better way, and teamed up with his long-time friend, and fellow car enthusiast, Cameron to craft the best auto detailing products available. Plus Soap was born.

Garrett and Cameron knew what they needed out of their car care products, but that didn’t stop them from hiring a chemical engineer to meticulously overlook the chemical creation process. Each product was developed with every detail in mind. Garrett and Cameron worked tirelessly to vet each and every product until it passed their final inspections and delivered that perfect, glossy shine.



Plus Soap is determined to deliver the best car wash and detail your car has ever received. We aim to bring the automotive community together, around the nation, and eventually, around the world. Our detail products speak for themselves and our descriptions are simple, educational, and easy to understand. We make sure the customer is not only taken care of but that the customer is educated about auto detailing product(s) they are purchasing and how to use them.

We believe that no car deserves a lackluster shine, inside or out. This is why we have carefully selected each of our products and tested them until they met our standards. Our products are also brought to you in a full concentrate so that you get the best bang for your buck. We know you’ll love our car care products, but don’t take our word for it - order your Plus Soap today!


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