Plus Soap - Foam Cannon

Plus Soap - Foam Cannon

Give your paint maximum protection with the dense foam from one of the best detailing tools on the planet - the Plus Soap Foam Cannon. 

This Brand New Foam Cannon is made of military grade aluminium and comes with a 1/4" quick connect plug, tube, and bottle. This state of the art light weight foam cannon is the perfect "entry level" foam cannon to get you up and running within seconds. Best of all it weighs less than one pound! 


How To Use:

  • Rinse all desired surfaces of vehicle thoroughly removing any loose debris and dirt
  • Fill solution canister with water (warm water recommended)
  • Add 2-4 oz of Premium Auto Shampoo or Wash + Wax
  • Agitate to mix the soap solution thoroughly
  • Reattach the Plus Soap Foam Cannon assembly, hook up to pressure washer and begin to coat desired surfaces
  • Proceed with two bucket wash


How to Clean:

  • Separate solution canister and rinse out any remaining soap with water (warm water recommended)
  • After rinsing is complete, fill solution canister with water (warm water recommended)
  • Reattach solution canister to Plus Soap Foam Cannon
  • Under pressure, cycle the clean warm water through the Foam Cannon
  • When finished, separate canister to air dry. Reattach and store in a dry cool place



  • 1.4-2.4 gallon/minute pressure washer flow capability
  • 1,100-2,600 PSI
  • Up to 140℉ water injection temperature 
  • Adjustable Fan Blades