Plus Soap - Metal Polish - 12 oz

  • Use to Remove Surface Oxidation, Rust and Impurities 
  • Works on any Metal Surface
  • Polish and Protect with this 2 in 1 Metal Polish + Metal Sealant
  • Restore any Metal Part of your Vehicle back to a Brilliant Shine

We created Metal Polish for those who want to get the most shine out of their metal surfaces AND protect those surfaces. Metal Polish is combined with a unique protective coating that is applied to metal surfaces at the time of each use. This aids in the prevention of rust, hard water spots, oxidation and more. Our 2 in 1 Metal Polish brings insane shine to Aluminum, Chrome, Steel and other metals. Metal Polish safely cleans and removes layers of buildup, oxidation, water spots and scratches while restoring and protecting the original brilliant shine. Get mirror shine and protection for all of your metal surfaces, get Metal Polish!

For Best Results: Spread 2-4 dots of Mirror Shine Metal Polish Over a Premium Microfiber Applicator Pad – Clean Surface Before Application – Working with Cool Surface, Buff Metal Polish Into Metal Until Brilliant Shine – For Heavily Oxidized Metal, Repeat as Needed.

Best to store out of direct sunlight in a controlled temperature of approximately 60 degrees fahrenheit. Product can be affected by bacteria and oxygen levels, it’s important to always have the lid on tightly and secure.

Warning! Combustible liquid. Keep away from heat, sparks, and/or open flame /hot surfaces - no smoking. Use only when in a well ventilated area. Wear protective gloves and eye wear. Wash Hands after handling. Avoid breathing dust, fumes, gas, mist, vapors, & spray. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, Contact a physician immediately! May cause eye irritation, when in contact with eyes, flush with plenty of water. May cause skin irritation, when in contact with skin wash with plenty of soap and water. May CAuse respiratory irritation, if inhaled, move to fresh air as it May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Always keep out of reach of children. In case of chemical emergency call Chemtrec.

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