Need it Now! - April's Kit of the Month

Each month we give you the chance to grab a custom Detail Kit at an insane discount. Don't wait around. These bundles are limited!

What's in it this month?

Auto Shampoo

  • Innovative Lubricants Help Ensure a Scratch-Free Finish
  • Cuts through Heavy Dirt and Road Film
  • pH-Neutral Formula Won't Strip Existing Wax, Sealant or other Coatings
  • Concentrated for Preferred Dilution
  • Works on Any Color - Safe for all Surfaces 
  • Biodegradable Formula  
  • No Residue Formula Leaves a Crystal Finish 

Glass Cleaner

  • Great for Bugs and Bird Droppings
  • Removes Light Water Stains
  • Streak - Free
  • Also Safe on Tint, Chrome and Plastic

Naked Clay Spray

  • Safe on Paint, Metal, Clear Plastic and more
  • Helps Lift Surface Contaminants with use of Clay Bar
  • Extremely Reduces Friction and Marring

Naked Clay Bar

  • Ultimate Paint Cleanse Clay Block
  • Removes Stubborn Paint Contamination
  • Leaves Pronounced Mirror Finish
  • Removes Old Wax and Sealant 
  • Extremely Durable

Ultimate Edgeless 420 GSM Microfiber Towel (x's 2)

  • Excellent Quality EDGELESS All-Purpose Detailing Towel that Removes Excess Polish, Sealant, Wax, etc with Ease
  • Dual-Pile Construction: One Side with Longer Fibers to Remove Loose Particles and a Shorter Nap, Tighter Terry Weave to Remove Excess Detailing Product
  • Non-Abrasive / Absorbent
  • No Tags = No Scratches
  • Effective Choice for Auto / Marine / RV / Cycle Detailing, Buffing and Polishing
  • Extremely Durable = Ability to Withstand Hundreds of Washings With Proper Care
  • Towel Softness Increases With Each Washing
  • NOTE: Due to the Edgeless Design Some Minor Fraying is Possible from Washing. Simply Snip any Loose Fabric with Scissors and the Towel is Back to New