Need It Now! - March's Kit of the Month
Need It Now! - March's Kit of the Month
Need It Now! - March's Kit of the Month


Need It Now! - March's Kit of the Month

Each month we give you the chance to grab a custom Detail Kit at an insane discount. Don't wait around. These bundles are limited!

What's in it:

Plus Soap - Ceramic Spray - Premium SiO2 Coating - 16oz

Get the benefits of a ceramic coating from a simple spray and wipe with Plus Soap Ceramic Spray. Ceramic Spray gives you a deep wet shine that doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to repelling water. Once applied, almost nothing can stick to your silky smooth paint for up to 6 months. Stay protected from road grime, fallout, acid rain and more. Car already coated? Not a problem! Lay down Ceramic Spray on top of existing ceramic coatings for a boost in protection and shine
  • Concentrated
  • Fast Bonding SiO2
  • Spray on Wet or Dry Surface
  • Super Hydrophobic 
  • Intense Glow
  • One Bottle Lasts 4-6 Vehicles
Shake very well and continuously shake throughout process - use on cool surface in shaded area with proper lighting - paint and/or surface should be wax, solvent and contaminants free - mist Ceramic Spray onto wet or dry panel - use clean microfiber towel to spread evenly in criss-cross motions until fully flashed - switch to fresh microfiber towel and wipe until no residue remains - use on cool - work in 2'X2' area at a time - can also mist directly onto microfiber and apply - for full protection allow to cure for 24 hours with no water contact.
**Always test in inconspicuous area before application.



Why Buy this Product?
  • Condition: New
  • Size:16 x 16 Inches (41 cm x 41 cm)
  • Color:Lime Green
  • Blend:70% Polyester / 30% PolyamideMaterial
  • Weight:420 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
  • Border / Edging:Ultrasonic Cut Edge
  • Material:100% Split Microfiber
  • Country of Origin: China

Recommended Uses:

  • Rinseless / Waterless Washing
  • Removal of Quick Detailing Sprays / Wax / Compound / Sealant / Glaze / Polish
  • Buffing and Polishing Chrome and Other Shiny Metals
  • Polishing Wheels and Rocker Panels
  • Cleaning Wheel Wells and Door Jams

Other Details:

  • Excellent Quality EDGELESS All-Purpose Detailing Towel that Removes Excess Polish, Sealant, Wax, etc with Ease
  • Dual-Pile Construction: One Side with Longer Fibers to Remove Loose Particles and a Shorter Nap, Tighter Terry Weave to Remove Excess Detailing Product
  • Non-Abrasive / Absorbent
  • No Tags = No Scratches
  • Effective Choice for Auto / Marine / RV / Cycle Detailing, Buffing and Polishing
  • Extremely Durable = Ability to Withstand Hundreds of Washings With Proper Care
  • Towel Softness Increases With Each Washing
  • NOTE: Due to the Edgeless Design Some Minor Fraying is Possible from Washing. Simply Snip any Loose Fabric with Scissors and the Towel is Back to New

Microfiber Care:

  • Always Separate towels (paint towels, wheel towels, etc.)
  • Upon first wash also separate colors
  • Use liquid laundry detergent (no fragrance recommended)
  • Air dry in dust-free area OR Machine Dry on lowest heat setting
  • Never Use Fabric Softener Sheets