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Plus Soap Swirl Remover

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Plus Soap Swirl Remover utilizes the latest in diminishing abrasive technology giving you the highest performance from an all in one polish. This product contains no fillers and removes light to heavy scratches. Also use to remove oxidation. Our Swirl Remover helps restore your car's paint job. Its advanced formula quickly and effectively removes swirls and other flaws, making your car look like new. Get a glossy, showroom finish with our swirl remover. Use on paint, glass and clear plastic.

Shake well. Use under shade on cool, clean and dry surface. Apply 3-4 beads on polishing pad. Work in 2’x2’ sections. Apply in vertical and horizontal overlapping pattern. Start with low speed, gradually going to medium and high speed if necessary. After polish diminishes, remove residue with clean microfiber and inspect. Always test in inconspicuous area. Clean polishing pad after each panel or when necessary.

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