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Iron Dissolve

Size: 16oz

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Usually ready in 4 hours

Iron Dissolve is a pH-neutral spray that effectively eliminates persistent brake dust and iron contamination. This rapidly-acting solution dissolves iron particles from paint, glass, chrome, alloys, and aluminum surfaces.

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How to Apply:

Shake well. Use on cool surfaces. Mist desired area. Allow product to sit and work. Agitation with soft detail brush may be necessary. Rinse thoroughly with water. Do not allow to dry. Always test in small area first.

Use as concentrate or dilute up to 1 part Iron Dissolve : 3 parts water.

Do not use on carbon ceramic brake systems.


Commonly Asked Questions

How many bottles can I make with Iron Dissolve?

- Iron Dissolve can make up to 3 bottles!


Which is better to remove iron orange spots in my paint, clay bar or Iron Dissolve?

- Use Iron Dissolve, then Clay Bar treatment if orange spots still remain. Microscopic iron filings are very jagged, if these get stuck in your clay bar your paint can become scratched! Use Iron Dissolve first to remove the iron, and clay bar after if orange staining remains.


Does Iron Dissolve remove dirt and grime?

- No. Use Plus Soap All Purpose for that.


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