Spray Wax & Dry Aid

Spray Wax & Dry Aid

Spray Wax & Dry Aid is a new formula that is built for cars that need a quick high-gloss detail. Innovative lubricants added to refined Carnauba Wax make this product a perfect go-to for fast deep shine. A spray and wipe removes light dust and fingerprints and leaves a smooth finish.

How to Apply:

Shake well. Do not use to wash vehicle. Use on cool surfaces. Mist directly onto surface or onto clean microfiber towel. Apply is criss-cross motion. Flip towel to clean side and wipe for smooth finish. Do not use on matte surfaces.

Choose from 16oz, 1 Gallon and Case (12 ct)


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I dry my car with Spray Wax?

- Spray Wax is a non-ionic formula that separates water molecules. Just mist onto a wet surface and wipe! Decreases dry time by half and leaves behind great shine.


How long does the shine last after applying?

- After application, 5-7 days.


Does this also work on other surfaces like glass and wheels?

- Yes! Spray Wax is versatile. Can be used on headlights, windows, wheels, gloss and satin finishes. Can also remove fresh bug guts, bird droppings and more.

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