Interior Cleaner
Interior Cleaner
Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaner makes detailing easier by combining the most effective interior cleaning traits into one strategically built chemical. This non-acidic foaming cleaner removes dirt, grime, soda stains, chocolate and more. Use on fabric, metal, plastic and vinyl panels.

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How to Apply:

Shake well. Use on cool surfaces. Mist desired area. Agitate with towel or soft brush. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe. Do not allow to dry. Always test in small area first. Recommended dilution 3:1 or 5:1. Do not use on faux or real leather.

Choose from 16oz, 1 Gallon and Case (12 ct)


Commonly Asked Questions

How many bottles can I make with Interior Cleaner?

- Between 3-5 bottles!


Can I also use this on my headliner?

- Yes! 


Can I clean my windows with Interior All Purpose?

- We do not recommend using as a window cleaner. It's concentrated content may cause streaking. Instead use a dedicated chemical like our Glass Cleaner


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