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All Purpose

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Size: 16oz

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Plus Soap All Purpose cleaner is a powerful, foaming cleaner that merges the most effective degreasing traits into one awesome formula. This non-acidic product swiftly removes dirt, grime, brake dust, and even bugs and bird droppings.

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How to Apply:

Shake well. Use on cool surfaces. Mist desired area. Agitate with towel or soft brush. Rinse thoroughly with water. Do not allow to dry. Always test in small area first.

Use as concentrate or dilute up to 1 part cleaner : 5 parts water.


Commonly Asked Questions

How many bottles can I make with All Purpose?

- Up to 5 bottles!


Car hasn't been washed in 6 months! Can I mix this with foam soap?

- Definitely! Add 2 oz of All Purpose to your wash bucket or foam cannon for extra cleaning boost


Will this remove iron contamination?

- No. Use Iron Dissolve for that!


Does this also clean tires and the white letters?

- Yes! Mist onto tire, use stiff brush to agitate. Then protect with Restore and lock in the shine

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