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Naked Clay Bar

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Size: Single

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The Plus Soap Naked Clay Bar is a powerful and effective clay bar that helps remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants that build up on your vehicle. This clay bar effectively and gently cleans off the paint, leaving your car looking brand new.
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How to Apply:

Divide Naked Clay Bar into 3 pieces. Use one clay piece per vehicle. Use on cool, washed and dried surface. Mist clay lubricant generously. Apply clay bar in straight, even, back and forth motions using medium pressure. When surface is smooth, use clean microfiber to remove residue. When clay becomes dirty, flip to new clean side. If clay is dropped on the ground, discard.

Use on paint, glass, plastic, polished metal, and chrome. Do not use on textured plastic trim or fabrics. Always test on small area first.

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