Ultimate Paste Wax
Ultimate Paste Wax

Ultimate Paste Wax

Plus Soap Paste Wax is a newly created wax dedicated to the enthusiast wanting the most lustrous shine. With a tiered refining process of pure Brazilian Carnauba, we have made our most glossy and durable wax ever

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How to Apply:

Apply in shaded area. Use on cool, clean and dry surface. Spread thin layer of Paste Wax in overlapping criss-cross pattern. Work in 2'x2' area at a time. Allow to haze. Remove residue with soft microfiber towel until glowing finish is present. Do not use on matte surfaces. Always test in small area first. 

Available in 7oz container


Commonly Asked Questions

How many cars can one Paste Wax coat?

- Between 6-10 vehicles!


 How long does this last?

- Approximately 2-4 months depending on care


Can I apply multiple coats?

- Yes! Past Wax can be layered. We encourage at least two coats to ensure even and full coverage.